“None of us are that different, Anna. You're human, as am I.” -Canaan to Anna, Eden: Absit Omen.

Son of Sir Lark Brandeis and bound to royalty by his blood, Canaan is a collected, down-to-earth, humble individual. He rarely speaks ill of anyone, and keeps his true emotions bottled inside. He believes he is unworthy to be his father's successor. He holds some resentment for the royalty of Eden, feeling as though both kingdoms must apologize for their actions towards each other.

Born in the great city of Leir, Canaan was given little choice as to how he wanted to live his life. He held no resentment for his father, but remorse for a life he'd never know, dragged into princehood he only deserved due to his lineage. He applied himself to studies of his family's past, forcing stress to build up inside that he'd never have a chance to let out.

He set off on his journey to defeat the demon plaguing the lands, alongside a group of his friends he had hired. The entire journey, he felt he was not worthy, until he met Sylvia. She broke him out of his shell, teaching him to love and care.

Canaan has history with Prince Badulf of Eden, being his ex-boyfriend. The two split due to Badulf being rather cruel in the later days of their relationship, and due to the fact that the princes of two warring kingdoms dating would be seen as a bad thing by their people.

Canaan is average height, and slim. No matter what he wears beneath (usually bright orange armor), he wears a large brown cloak. He has orange hair, brown skin, and light blue eyes. 

Etymology Edit

Canaan's name holds biblical meaning, with the translation of the name being unknown, aside from the fact he is the son of Ham.

Trivia Edit

  • Canaan was intended to be a side character, and only became the main character after multiple rewrites.
  • Canaan is confirmed to be bisexual by the author, as shown in a meme.
  • Concept art of Canaan shows that his hair was initially meant to be much shorter.

Concept art.